Due to events in the region evolving at a rapid rate, it appears that the Middle East is about to enter a period of turmoil and possible warfare.

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Some of the recent major events which we are monitoring include:
- Silent civil war in Saudi Arabia. Basically, there is a conflict within the royal family, not just within kinship clusters, but also of ideology. It appears that Saudi Princes which were arrested, also support International Islamic terror. This not only affects Israel, but also the entire world.
- Unprecendented Israeli security guarantee of a Druze town, inside Syria. It ever carried out, this could lead to uncontrolled consequences.
- Increased Israeli activities inside Sinai.
- Increased Turkish belligerance, has led to a tight knit alliance betweeen Israel-Cyprus-Greece. Could surprises happen in Cyprus?

Stay tuned for more news, links, analysis. Events from yesterday quickly become obsolete today.